Custom bumper sticker free from Vista Print

Get a free custom bumper sticker from Vista Print when you pay for shipping and handling, which is $4.41 to $25.19, depending on how fast you want to receive your sticker. You can pick from 30 designs and add your own text, which is pretty cool. The site suggests you use your bumper sticker to support a cause, a political candidate or display a favorite quote. You could also use it as a cheap version of a vanity plate, like BRGNLVR. (Bargain lover.) Hmmm, would people interpret this the wrong way?

There are plenty of opportunities to upgrade for a price so watch out if you don't want to get sucked in. If you want to upload a graphic, it costs $3.74. Getting a printed proof in additional to proofing the sticker online is $1.49. Additional copies of your sticker are $4 each. Plus, Vista Print sells tons of other marketing materials and business supplies like mugs, business cards, and sticky notes.

Taking advantage of this offer supports WalletPop.