Best crescent rolls? We rank the house brands


I'm going to level with you people. Even though I write Store Brand Scorecard for Money College, I'm actually not in college. Sad, but true – I've been out of school for about four years now.

Anyway, when I was in college, I wasn't always so smart when it came to saving money and food preparation, not like you kids today. Take Lynne Wagner, a student at Tiffin University in Ohio. She wrote to Store Brand Scorecard to say that to save money, she and her friends often buy communal style meals to cook at home. Smart cookie, Lynne.

In her e-mail, Lynne went on to request that I test bake-'em-yourself crescent rolls. "One of our favorite sides is Pillsbury," she wrote. "Unfortunately, these are the priciest ones, but the few store brands we've tried are awful."