Avoid a summer travel credit card crisis


You dug out your flip-flops, stocked up on sunscreen and bought yourself a new pair of shades, but have you set up a plan of action to protect yourself if your credit card is lost or stolen when you're on vacation this summer? It's a step more Americans should be taking, according to Adam Levin, chairman of Credit.com. Not only can a missing credit card wreak havoc on your summer vacation plans, but it can leave you vulnerable to unauthorized charges and possibly even identity theft.

Your preparations need to begin before you even leave the house, Levin tells WalletPop. Decide which cards you'll bring with you -- if your whole wallet is stolen, it'll be an enormous headache to have to call numerous providers. Bring just one card you intend to use primarily and one or two backups, which should be stored separately -- not in your wallet or purse -- from the primary card while you're away. (Levin suggests keeping your backup cards in the hotel room safe - just don't forget them when you check out!)

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