Ace of Space: How to Create a Guest Room With Personality

guest bedroomLiving in a small space doesn't mean you have to forgo weekend visitors. A guest room, large or small, is the perfect place to experiment with design and a way to showcase some of your stuff, like books or antiques.

In this article, I'll talk about how you can use your limited square footage to create a beautiful guest room.

Let's get started!

1. Take advantage of neglected space.
Use all of your square footage. For instance, in our studio we have a 60 square foot nook that would be perfect for a teeny tiny guest room. Currently, the space is being used as a closet. But we're going to use a few design tricks to create a fun little space, including:
  • Painting the nook bright white
  • Using furniture with visual space underneath
  • Incorporating a small guest bed
  • And adding extra blankets, pillows, artwork and a rug

2. Think about double uses

Adding a daybed or futon to your guest room is an excellent use of space. It's perfect for guests and can double for other daily uses, like a reading nook, nursery, or home theater.

3. Shed excess clutter
Remember less is more. Keep your guest room clear of clutter. Don't let it turn into a dumping ground for all your excess stuff. And by keeping the room uncluttered you won't have to worry about cleaning it before guests arrive.

4. Hooks are your best friend
Add a few hooks to the back of the guest room door or on the walls. This is an excellent spot for your guests to hang up their clothes, robe and towels.

5. Make use of functional items
Adding simple, yet functional items to your guest room is a nice touch. For instance incorporating a nightstand, along with a few vignettes like flowers, books, photos, and tissues will create a cozy atmosphere in your little guest room.

6. No guest room? No problem.
Our teeny tiny guest room needs a lot of work. For now overnight guests sleep in our bed and we camp out on the floor. If camping out on the floor doesn't sound like a good option invest in a high quality air mattress.

Or put your guests up at a bed and breakfast. One of the benefits of living small and lightly is saving money. So use some of your extra cash to treat your guests to the best when they visit.

Tammy Strobel blogs at RowdyKittens about simple living and is the author of Simply Car-free: How to Pedal Toward Financial Freedom and a Healthier Life.

The Ace of Space is a biweekly column that will provide you with the tips and tools to live lightly and creatively in a small space.

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