10 gadgets you shouldn't buy, yet


Who wouldn't want to be an early adopter, throwing down hundreds of dollars to be the first to own a new tech gadget such as the iPad or iPhone? You get to be the first person on the block to show off a new device while being dazzled yourself at all that it can do. It's kind of like Christmas morning as a kid.

But holding out for the second version of a gadget can mean lower prices, fewer bugs and more advancements and features than the current version. There's also the factor of buying something at the end of its shelf life, requiring a buyer to factor in the savings benefit versus spending more to get the latest features. It all depends on how much you want to spend -- and if the coolness factor of the latest gadget is worth the extra price.

"If you're looking for a good deal, you can definitely get a good deal on old stuff," said Anthony Scarsella, 30, chief gadget officer at Gazelle, a website that buys and sells used electronics.

Here are 10 electronic gadgets you shouldn't buy, at least not yet:

1. Apple iPad.

This product is so new and so popular that we wouldn't blame you if you bought one now. But Retrevo lists it as a product that is selling at a price higher than its capabilities. That could be because it lumps it in with laptop computers, which the iPad isn't meant to be used for.

The iPad is set to be released internationally, so don't expect a revamped American version to come out anytime soon. Another reason to put off buying an iPad is the chance to shop around for other slate computers being produced by other computer makers. Something may emerge that has more features than the iPad and is cheaper.

"If you're not ready to adopt the iPad, I would hold out until we see these new releases," Gazelle's Scarsella said of upcoming tablets.