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Set up a library; protest the Gulf oil spill; take a virtual walk through your neighborhood -- and do it all from the comfort of your home! See what other ideas we had for you on RentedSpaces this week.

Apartment Guru: Living in an Unfinished Building

Is an unfinished "luxury" building still a luxury? The Apartment Guru advises a RentedSpaces reader who is paying a premium to live in a construction site. Will a dozen donuts solve all her problems? Read More.

Ace of Space: Minimalist Library Makes Apartment Look Smart
After personally downsizing a collection of hundreds of books to just five, the Ace of Space knows a thing or two about setting up a minimalist library. You might already have the perfect nook in your apartment. Read More.

How to Protest the Oil Spill From Home
Picket signs and calls to your congressman may eventually have an impact, but to really show your displeasure with Big Oil, take a few simple steps to reduce your home energy consumption. It's easier than you think. Read More.

Sarah Palin Declares Neighbor a Nuisance
Who's stalking whom? Sarah Palin and her neighbor-slash-unauthorized-biographer are in a war of words regarding their adjacent homes in Wasila, Alaska. She fears he'll be a peeping Tom; he calls her "hysterical". Read more.

World's Most New York-Centric Apartment for Rent
If you truly "heart" NY, do we have the apartment for you! A Manhattan designer has tricked out her two-bedroom rental as a loving homage to the Big Apple, complete with a Chrysler Building headboard and Brooklyn Bridge mural. Read more.

Apartment Hunting Essentials: 6 Online Tools
He spends his days trolling the internet in search of creepy rental roommate ads, so you can certainly trust RentedSpaces' own Harmon Leon to know the top tricks to verify a potential landlord's claims about a rental space. Read more.

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