Office Humor: Summer Stress Relief

Let's face it, summertime is a time when most of us would rather be out frolicking than working in an office or looking for a job. Thanks to the wonders of video cameras and office surveillance, some funny work-related stuff is caught on tape or created by workers looking for a little work time diversion.

So - here are some funny job-related videos than can either give you some ideas for office fun or just give you a few laughs during your lunch break. Enjoy!

Office Rage

Workplace surveillance cameras catch some pretty interesting stuff. Here's one example of why you shouldn't harass your coworkers!

Milli Vanilli Moment

You may remember how much trouble the famous pop duo got into when they were caught lip-syncing. This guy may not have to give back a Grammy, but his antics caught on a work surveillance video may cost him some self-pride.

Office Space Moment

Do you remember that famous scene from the movie Office Space where the workers go off on a piece of office equipment? Well, here's the real thing.

A New Office Game

So, you want to take some of that pent up workplace anger and let it out in a less destructive way? Check out this office game that some clever workers came up with. They even want other workers to try it and post their videos online.

What Am I Going To Do With My Life?

For some people, summertime means looking for a job, especially if you are a college student or recent college grad. Check out this very funny video essay done by a young man who is getting more career advice from his parents than he really wants.

A Not-So-Great Video Job Pitch

And, while we are on the topic of looking for a job, many people are adding to their job hunt with an online video resume or job pitch. Here's a great example of what not to do. I don't think this guy got the job.

You Can Be Replaced

Finally, have you ever been so mad at a lazy coworker that you shouted at him, "You could be replaced by a monkey!" Well, next time show him this video and prove to him that it could happen.

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