New decorations wash ashore in Happy Island

Happy Islands surfboards
Happy Islands surfboards

Happy Island benches
Happy Island benches

Crowdstar has given us a nice weekend surprise, with a few new decorations to make our islands in Happy Island even more tropical. Three new surfboards and three new benches were released, giving us Happy Island players more to decorate with. These surfboards and benches are all available for coins, so if you're a hard working player who has been saving up your coins, you will have something new to buy with your hard earned cash. Here is the list of new decorations that hit the Happy Island shop this weekend.

Flaming Surfboard - 9,500 coins
Sunset Surfboard - 8.400 coins
Vintage Surfboard - 14,000 coins
Red Bench - 9.900 coins
Ruins Bench - 18,000 coins
Bench al Arab - 14,000 coins

There is no indication that these are limited time items, but you never know. If you have coins to burn, head on over to the Happy Island shop and check out the new selection of surfboards and benches.

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