Home TV Week in Review

We watch home improvement shows so you don't have to. (Or at least fill you in on what you've missed.) Are you ready for some serious recapping? Ok, we'll bring it on!

This week we bring you updates on recent episodes of "Tough as Nails," "My First Place," "Designed to Sell," "Holmes on Homes," and more.

Here's what you missed ...

"Tough as Nails
(HGTV Wednesdays 11:30p/10:30c )
Remember: the premise of the show is that Boston luxury home builder Cindy Stumpo is tough as nails. Look out! Her crew is hard at work on the E Street property they've been dwelling on most of the series. The erratic Boston weather sets them back. In the meantime she plans a renovation of a client's attic on F Road. Cindy decides to put her daughter Samantha to the test and she puts her in charge of the E Street window installation. Did she pass the test?

"My First Place"(HGTV Tuesdays 8/7c)
A blind husband and his sighted wife are looking for their first place in the suburbs west of Philadelphia. Due to their circumstance, they need to find a place near public transportation. The prices are consistent disappointments. Finally, they find THE house, only to learn that the basement is thoroughly wet and the walls have mold. Will they walk away from the one house they like, or find a solution to buy their first place?

"Holmes on Homes"(HGTV Sundays 9/8c)
A couple is expecting their first child. Naturally they want a new nursery and bathroom. After making a down payment to a reputable contractor they find that four months later the job hasn't even started yet. The project needs to be completed before their baby arrives. Yikes! The contractor is fired and Holmes is brought in as the clock ticks. Guess what? He saves the day.

"Designed to Sell"(HGTV Weeknights 6/5c)
The show is always about some renovation nightmare that needs to be corrected so a home owner can sell their place asap. In this case, a man from Washington D.C. is moving clear across country to San Francisco. One home needed to be sold quick. Host Taniya Nayak jumps in to the rescue. Guess what? With some renovation changes the home sells.

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