FarmVille Podcast (June 4) highlights: Biplane, 7-Eleven and crafting cottages


This week's Official FarmVille Podcast was on time as scheduled and hosted by FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious. You can listen to the video above, read the FarmVille Freak Summary below, or read the official transcript at the bottom of the post. This week's FarmVille Podcast contains some exciting news, especially for higher Level farmers that are Level 70 and above. New Levels! New Rewards! New Challenges! Read complete details in "Coming Soon" section.

This Week's Releases:

Move & Recycle Tools

* Move and Recycle Tools that allow you to easier decorate and re-arrange farms.
* Move Tool allows you to even move planted plots!
* Recycle Tool deletes items with no value and sells items with no value.
* Recycle Tool features a quick delete tool that will not notify you or warn you when you are about to sell items that cost under 1,000 coins.