The Results: Which CEO are You?

Some of the world's most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs took very different paths to success, from how they approached high school and college, to how they act as adults.

Are you The Visionary or The Fashionista?? Here are the full results.

Anna Wintour: the Fashionista

Editor in Chief, Vogue

Anna is regarded as the most powerful person in fashion; she can single-handily make or break a designer, trend or style. She's been at the helm of Vogue since 1988. Wintour's a perfectionist who is known for being very unpleasant to work for, often making impossible demands and treating the staff unkindly, especially the junior staffers. Lauren Wisberger, author of 'The Devil Wears Prada,' was Wintour's former assistant. Although it's never been publicly confirmed, it's widely known that Wintour is the inspiration for the main character. "That's all..."

Bill Gates: the Super Geek

Founder, Microsoft

For the last 15 years, Gates has ranked high among the world's wealthiest people. As chairman and co-founder of Microsoft, he was on the forefront of the personal computer revolution. He has transitioned from his full-time executive duties and now focuses entirely on his philanthropic endeavors; but when he held top position at Microsoft, he was known for being a verbally combative manager without a filter.

Mark Zuckerberg: the Rookie

Founder and CEO, Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg famously created Facebook from his Harvard dorm room in 2004 by hacking into their database. Facebook is now the most popular website on the Internet, and having just celebrated his 26th birthday, Zuckerberg is one of the youngest billionaires in the world. Zuckerberg is the brains behind the operation, and is responsible for the product strategy and overall direction for Facebook. He has stayed consistent and, true to his original vision on building a social community and not cashing out, he's held off several attempts from other companies to purchase Facebook for top dollar and is taking his time to go public. He's been criticized in the past for being too inexperienced to lead the company to the next stage. Although he essentially has no corporate experience, he is surrounding himself with seasoned executives to help mature into a seasoned and top business manager.

Irene Rosenfeld: the Natural

CEO, Kraft Foods

Irene Rosenfeld is a natural leader, at No. 6 on Forbes' list of the 50 most powerful women, she's the head honcho of the mega-corporation and responsible for some of our childhood favorites: macaroni and cheese, Oscar Meyer, Oreos, Kool-Aid -- the list is extensive. Rosenfeld is a tough but fair leader without a lot of ego, something rare at her level. She's smart, decisive, clear-thinking and well respected.

Sean Combs: the Rap Star

Bad Boy Entertainment Corporation

Sean "Diddy" Combs -- or whatever he is going by at the moment, is a musician, record mogul, producer, actor and clothing designer who truly has the rags-to-riches story. He was born in a public housing project in Harlem, and his father was shot to death when Combs was just a boy. Despite the odds against him, he avoided the world of gangs and crime, and worked hard in high school and played football. He attended Howard University, where his natural entrepreneurial skills surfaced as he quickly gained a reputation as a party promoter. He's smart, edgy, successful and likable. His diverse portfolio and skill set make us think he can do anything.

Vince McMahon: the Brute

WWF, World Wrestling Federation

Pro-wrestling titan Vince McMahon grew up in North Carolina with his single mother in a trailer home. When Vince first met his wrestling promoter of a father at age 12, his future path was set. McMahon was a hell-raiser in school, and that has carried through in his professional career. Now that he is leader of the WWF, it's not clear where the wrestler drama ends, and the businessman begins. Regardless, he's a notorious bully. Among his many ventures, Titan Sports sells merchandise and is known as the most successful pay-per-view company in the world.

Richard Branson: the Captain

Founder and CEO, Virgin Group

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is the chairman of the Virgin Group. He's a billionaire who's a natural entrepreneur. Not a stellar student, Branson was a high-school drop-out... but his ability to connect with people and create business opportunities helped him launch Virgin Records at the ripe age of 16. Always a risk taker, Branson is an employees-first leader. He believes in praise over criticism and listening to his employees; he rewards them well and shares the wealth among those who work for him.

Larry Ellison: the Visionary

Founder and CEO, Oracle

Oracle's billionaire founder and CEO likes to say that he was born with all of the disadvantages required for success. Ellison was born to a an unwed mother, and he was raised by his aunt and uncle in Chicago. He attended the University of Chicago before dropping out to pursue a career in computer software development. Ellison is praised for his visionary thinking and stellar business acumen. He believes in hiring the right people and favors intellect over experience, referring to them as "unruly geniuses."

Oprah Winfrey: the Spender

CEO, Harpo Entertainment

The Mississippi-born talk show queen had a rocky youth, floating between both of her parents until settling with her father as a teenager. Oprah has credited her dad with reining in the "wild child" with strict discipline. Winfrey's legendary run as a talk show host began in Nashville when she was just 17. As one of the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet, she's a notorious spender who spares no expense to support her extravagant life. She's known to be generous with her employees -- but the generosity comes at a price of long grueling hours, diva demands and a deep lack of trust that legally binds all of her employees to an iron-clad confidentiality agreement.

Donald Trump: the Self-Promoter

CEO, Trump Enterprises

Famously referred to as "The Donald," Trump is a real-estate mogul who has created a brand known for its lavishness and luxury. He's a shameless self-promoter and will tell you that anything with the Trump name is the best and most successful on the planet. He is known to be a great leader who believes in empowering his employees to get their jobs done, providing the tools and resources necessary. But, with that authority comes accountability, and he won't hesitate to use his now-famous phrase "You're fired."

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