PetVille pays homage to Sex in the City with new mystery crate *spoiler*

petville pet in the city crate
petville pet in the city crate

PetVille pays homage to the new Sex and the City movie with a brand new mystery crate. For 25 Pet Cash a pop, you'll get the chance to score six 'Pet in the City' items, which includes a snazzy new car, a camel and pet parodies of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte, all dressed in designer duds with Martini glasses in hand. Get these girls into your house and your pet can join in and tell them all of his/her dirty secrets, i.e. "I always leave half-eaten tacos and cereal boxes all over my living room floor."

What did you get in your Pet in the City mystery crate? Is it worth the Pet Cash?

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