Mafia Wars Las Vegas coming at the end of summer? With a big launch party?

mafia wars vegas launch party
mafia wars vegas launch party

We spotted a survey about a Mafia Wars Las Vegas launch event on the game's official Facebook page, asking fans if they would travel to Sin City to attend a big launch event for the upcoming expansion. The survey says the launch event will be "at the end of Summer 2010" which means that we will see MWLV this summer, but probably not until sometime around August. And, it will apparently roll out with some mild fanfare.

Depending how you answer the first survey question, you get a different set of follow up questions, which gives a little more insight to what this launch event might entail.

If you answered 'Yes,' then you're asked if what kind of treatment you prefer -- VIP, All-Access Pass or Day Pass to a 'conference.' (A Mafia Wars conference? Interesting.)

If you answered "Maybe," then you're given multiple choice about what would keep you from attending and then what city would be most convenient for you to attend an event. (Maybe there will be launch events in several cities)

If you answered 'No,' then you are given a blank form as to why you wouldn't attend and, again, asked which city you might consider visiting for an event of this sort.

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