Zoo World: New buildable Rose Garden coming soon

zoo world rose garden buildable coming soon
zoo world rose garden buildable coming soon

Soon you'll be able to stop and smell the roses in Zoo World on Facebook. The game will soon be introducing a new buildable Rose Garden, where you'll have to rely on friends to get different colored roses for their gardens.

Players who are level 6 or above, will find a pop-up when they log into the game, which will ask if they want to place a new Rose Garden in their Zoo. Roses can be found a number of ways -- three basic roses (yellow, red and white) can be sent as free gifts from friends, a blue one will only be available through Facebook feed and lavender, pink orange and green can be collected from the garden daily, acquired from a friend's Facebook feed or by combining (or cross-breeding) roses to get the desired color.

The entire garden will level up as well -- going from Silver to adamantium -- and each level will unlock new flowers. A new trophy related to rose gardens will roll out with these new gardens, which will be soon, though the exact release date is still TBD.


[Via Zoo World forums]