Treasure Isle: Players randomly chosen to plant Dragonfruit

Treasure Isle Dragonfruit
Yesterday afternoon while logging in to Treasure Isle for my regular session of harvesting, planting, and digging, I was greeted with a new popup window that told me I had been selected to plant Dragonfruit. When I clicked "okay", the Dragonfruit was automatically planted in my two plots on my home island and I was told to come back in 24 hours to harvest them for a reward of 2 Island Cash each. Today I harvested them and received my four total Island Cash, and resumed planting Coconuts as usual. I decided to check out the official Treasure Isle forums to see if everyone got the chance to plant Dragonfruit, and this is what I found.

It appears that Dragonfruit was not given to everyone, at least not yet. Only a few players on the forums mentioned that they received the fruit. The level ranges of the people who received it varied from 10 to 149, and no one has received it more than once. Some players claimed that their Dragonfruit only took two hours to harvest, and others took as long as 24 hours similar to my experience. We're not sure if players were randomly selected, or if it was based on some other unseen pattern. It could be that this is slowly rolling out to all players. We hope so, because everyone can use 4 free Island Cash.

Did you receive the free Dragonfruit in Treasure Isle? Let us know in the comments if you were one of the lucky ones.
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