PetVille puts new Space Struggle lost toys into orbit


PetVille has released the first four lost toys in a new Space Struggle set today. Similar to the 8 lost Princess Fairies that were hidden last month, these toys will be randomly placed in treasure boxes in your friend's pet's homes. Once you find a Space Struggle Toy, you are then prompted to post it on your Facebook wall for your friends to claim. This of course means that if you want to collect all of this set, you will have to have friends who like to share their findings on their Facebook page.

Space Struggle is an obvious nod at the popular movie franchise Star Wars, and we think this could be a sign of a new theme to come. There will be 8 total Space Struggle toys to be found when this set has all been released. It's important to note that the Lost Fairies are still available at this time, but we're not certain quite yet how often you will find a fairy instead of a space toy.

Have you found all of the Space Struggle lost toys in PetVille yet?