More Fun With Online Interior Design: Decomash


Finding furniture and accessories that compliment your home's color palette is only a click away, thanks to a new interior design site launched last month. With Decomash, wannabe designers can click on the color and genre of their choice and receive perfectly color-coordinated matches that span a wide variety of styles.

"You can easily upload a picture of a room, and Decomash will find and display complementary decorations and artwork," says Decomash co-founder Wai Lee. "Or you could upload inspirational pictures, like beaches or sunsets, and search for home décor or wall art related to the themes of those images.

"People crave the ability to find home decorating ideas in an instant. That is where Decomash comes in."

The bonus is that if you're not sure what exactly will match your home, you can upload a photo of the room and Decomash will generate matching pieces for you, along with links to where you can order them.

Originally published