Mafia Wars London: Four ways to score more British passports

mafia wars british passport
Mafia Wars London Challenge has arrived, and one of the key resources needed to get through the job is British Passports. Lots of them.

The standard way to get passports is by heading to the Mafia Wars London hub page, where you can pick up a bundle passports every 24 hours. Our best advice is to set a timer and make sure you check back every day -- on the dot. That's a slow way to get all of the passports you need, and if you're a little more enterprising, you can pick up some extras by doing the following:

1. Add new crew members to your Mafia

mafia wars new members

If you can find up to seven people to join your mafia, you'll be able to bring in a bunch of passports at once. If you're playing through Chapter 1, you'll be able to recruit three people, two people when Chapter 2 unlocks and two people when Chapter 3 unlocks. Each player you add will come with extra passports, making for a total of 252 passports. It might be annoying to go around and bug friends to join your crew, but it'll be worth it. You can also hit up the official Mafia Wars forums to find people to play with or, alternately, leave a note in the comments below that you're looking for a few new crew members.

2. Do jobs with low energy requirements

mafia wars complete jobs for passports

Another way to earn British passports is by doing jobs. However, since these passports drop randomly from jobs, it's a good idea to go back to a job that drops loot and doesn't require much energy to complete. Then, start clicking! We picked the Auto Theft job from New York, which only needs 3 Energy to complete and then started clicking. Not only will you pick up a few passports, but other loot items like auto and weapons parts. Don't get frustrated if you don't hit passport pay dirt -- remember that they're generally hard to come by and getting them by completing a job with a lower level energy requirement increases your chances.

3. Go on a robbing spree and complete the entire board

mafia wars robbing british passports

When you rob, your goal should be to rob all of the nine properties on the board. Once you're done, you'll receive additional experience points and a bonus item, which might be a British passport or two.

4. Fight (or don't)

Fighting will also drop passports, so keep putting your rival mafiosos to the test. So far, this has been the least effective way to get passports, so we suggest you save those stamina points for robbing instead.

Heard any other tips or tricks on ways to get more British Passports? Looking for new people to join your crew? Leave a note in the comments below.
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