FarmVille allows players to wish friends a Happy Birthday

Tonight's FarmVille update takes a break from Tuscan themed items, and has now brought a set of Birthday decorations in the Market. These decorations require Farm Cash to purchase, but have the advantage of being giftable. Open up the FarmVille Market and visit the Decorations tab. You can then flip through a few pages and you'll see the birthday items after a few pages of Tuscan decorations. Each item gives you the option to buy for yourself, or send to a friend as a gift. What would make a better gift than a birthday present? Keep reading for the list of new FarmVille birthday gifts.
FarmVille Birthday items
B-Day Bouquet I - 5 Farm Cash
B-Day Bouquet II - 5 Farm Cash
B-Day Arch - 5 Farm Cash
Blue B-Day Arch - 5 Farm Cash
Pink B-Day Arch - 5 Farm Cash
B-Day Fireworks - 3 Farm Cash
Pink Fireworks - 3 Farm Cash
Blue Fireworks - 3 Farm Cash
B-Day Sign -- 2 Farm Cash
Pink B-Day Sign - 2 Farm Cash
Blue B-Day Sign - 2 Farm Cash
Birthday Piggy - 9 Farm Cash

The fireworks are definitely the most intriguing part of this new set, as they can be placed and actually launched to hold a fireworks show. Once you place the fireworks, you click them again to launch them. The fireworks show will last a fairly long time, approximately 1 full minute before disappearing. You could also place several of these at a time to put on a fantastic show.
FarmVille fireworks
FarmVille fireworks
Log into FarmVille to play with the new birthday gifts!
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