Apartment Guru: Make a Move on Dream Girl Next Door?

crush on neighbor
crush on neighbor

Dear Apartment Guru,

My next-door neighbor is an amazing woman. I really like her. I know she doesn't know that I like her because she constantly comes over here to talk about other guys. I haven't done anything about this because I really don't want to screw up the fact that she comes over at all to talk to me about anything -- even other dudes.

But sometimes I wonder if I told her about my crush if maybe she'd like me too. I am doing OK work-wise. I have a few cool friends. I don't smoke. My mom thinks I'm a "catch." But seriously, I know that I am a little soft in the middle for a guy my age and I would definitely be a step down for her.

The fact that she's my neighbor makes me think this is just an all-around bad idea, anyway. I can get dates that are at my "level," so should I bother trying with her?

-- Dream Girl Next Door