World's Most New York-Centric Apartment for Rent

The master bedroom of the $2 million New York-themed apartmentIn Manhattan, there's one apartment whose decor will remind you over and over again exactly in which city you are nestled. Designer-owner Gail Maidman's two-bedroom apartment -- which she refurbished as an homage to the Big Apple -- has been put on sale with one major prerequisite. The future occupant must love New York.

And it's got to be a great, 24/7 kind of love because after spending a day about town, the next occupant will return home to see some of the city's most famous landmarks and sights recreated inside his or her apartment.

Have a closer look in the video tour....
Murals of the Brooklyn Bridge cover the entryway. In the master bedroom, the headboard is a photograph of the Chrysler Building that has been transposed over a light-box. The second bedroom is a tribute to Central Park with canvas prints on the walls, a tree, and a light fixture made of horns.

"I think [New York] is the epicenter of the world," says Maidman, who has been a lifelong resident of Manhattan. "I tried to make this apartment an ode to New York."

So, aside from the $2 million price tag (or available as a furnished rental for $15,000 per month), how will she know if you really love the city and aren't just bluffing?

There won't be any tough questions, but Maidman will probably tell you she's waiting to sell to the right person and she'll be evaluating your response to her original decor.

"One can usually tell by the reactions," she says. "The wows."

When you're finished wowing over the wall murals and elaborate headboards, you'll see that the living room has full-length windows outfitted with dark screens to convert the common space into another temporary bedroom. Furthering the New York-theme, Maidman styled the living room in an industrial-modern fashion and filled the pad with metal factory furniture that she spent two years collecting.

But it won't take you much time to move in. The never-been-lived-in condo in the Chelsea Onyx is completely furnished and ready for occupancy. "All you need is your toothbrush," says Maidman, to relocate to the two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath that's situated amid Manhattan's bustling Eighth Avenue.

Up next for the Parsons-trained creative mind is another New York novelty-- a "provocative bachelor apartment," where she envisions a black-and-white-motif master bedroom with a headboard patterned on a scoreboard. Ladies, beware, that owner might love all of New York City!

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