Which Glitch: The ghost of PetVille past?


Occasionally our favorite game may have some kind of strange glitch, be it a pricing inaccuracy, a loading issue with a funky error message, or just something downright funny to look at. Neverlandonearth77 recently uploaded the video above to YouTube showing an awfully suspicious looking glitch in PetVille. She claims that a ghost is randomly appearing in her house and her neighbor's pet's houses. We're not exactly sure if this is a bug with the game or just a silly trick she is playing on everyone, but it is still a creepy thought nonetheless!

What do you think? Is the video above showing a case of a creepy accidental glitch in PetVille, or are you not quite as gullible as we are? Have you seen this eerie PetVille ghost in your pet's home?

Which Glitch
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