Treasure Isle: New map screen teases with unreleased maps

Treasure Isle released an update today that includes a new shiny map layout that we think is far superior to the last one. In the new map screen, you first choose the theme of islands that you want to visit. Instead of immediately having to page through the Tiki Isles, then the Mayan Isles, you will now open up to a map that shows the Tiki and Mayan Isles (and more) on a zoomed out overlook view. This not only is a better interface for navigating through your maps, but it also gave us a sneak peek into upcoming maps.

Previewed on the new map screen with a "Coming Soon" banner are the new Egyptian Isles, Pirate Cove, North Pole, Asian Isles, and Atlantis. We are personally thrilled with this, because if we have one major complaint with Treasure Isle it's the dreariness of each map looking like the last. Having some new and unique themes will bring a change of scenery that we've been waiting for.

In addition, the new Tiki Gold Rush maps were released, including Happy Seas, Rocky Waters, Eternal Estuary, Lava Chief, Longboard Land, Boogie Beach, and Sad Tiki Sands. Finally, a couple smaller changes were made such as the release of a smaller backpack that allows you to see your energy while eating fruit, some new pirate items, and the ability to plant limited time Dragonfruit that will give you Treasure Cash when harvested.
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