Rental Roommate Nightmares: Open-Minded Couples, Annoying Parole Officers and More

Why can't finding a roommate be easy? Do there have to be so many weirdos out there trying to rent rooms? Today we have some great Craigslist Rental Roommate Nightmares, featuring, open-minded couples, annoying parole officers, stumbling drunks and more.
Free rent for married couple
Free rent for married couple with open-minded male. I love to look and would love to let you and wifey stay for free at my home in NW Houston in exchange for our friendship. I am not looking for sex. Just good open-minded people that love having fun. I can give you the home address and you guys can go and check it out. Single females are ok also. Please be serious. I will also take her shopp and spoil her.

Our Take: Hmmm? Should me and wifey consider moving in with this guy? Sure, we're open-minded and I would enjoy it when he takes wifey to shopp and spoil her, but I'm not sure how serious I am.

Houston: I need a roomate who knows how to remodel
NO DRINKING HERE OR COMING HOME STUMBLING DRUNK. NO GIRLFRIENDS/BOYFRIENDS MOVING IN, NO DRUGS OR DOPEHEADS.... I AM 420 FRIENDLY BUT NOT WHILE MY SON IS HOME UNLESS IT'S OUTSIDE. NO EXCEPTIONS OTHER THAN 420. Absolutly no SEX, DRUG OR THEFT charges will be excused. No parolees or probationers as I just don't want your parole or probation officer visiting my home.

Our Take: Someone must have had a pretty messed-up previous roommate experience that involved someone on parole and their disruptive parole officer.

Atlanta: $70 Furnished Room
Furnished room for rent in a three bedroom house in the West Cobb area. $70 moves you in and that includes everything.

Our Take: Nothing seems wrong here. I think I'll take this place!

Atlanta:$70 Re: $70 Furnished Room
WARNING: Something is seriously wrong with the guy who posted this ad. He behaves weirdly and told me I could bring a million females to the house but absolutely no male visitors. As long as I'm paying my rent on time and not having numerous visitors at the house, I feel I can invite whatever sex over to where I lay my head every night. He's unemployed and the house is practically in the middle of nowhere.

Our Take: I know. I shouldn't have agreed to move in so fast. Still it must be enjoyable hanging out with an unemployed creepy guy in the middle of nowhere in the heart of Georgia. I hope he can play banjo.

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