PageOnce Bills offers free bill reminders on the iPhone

If you've been looking for an easy way to remember when your bills are due, how much you owe and avoid late fees, then you should check out the free PageOnce Bills app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Bills is a recently released app that connects to all types of accounts and lets you know when your bills are due with a notification on your phone, an e-mail or by looking at a calendar view.

The Bills app doesn't offer all the functionality of a full-blown personal finance website like; instead its focus on bill payment allows it to connect to a wide range of service providers to alert you to bill due dates, new bills, and other account alerts. Since your bills are tied directly to your online accounts if a due date changes you'll know sooner rather than later.

Bills can connect to:
  • Credit cards -- Connects to numerous credit cards.
  • Communication bills --- Cell phone, home phone and others.
  • Household bills -- Cable, electricity, gas and more.
  • Loans -- Student loans, car loans, home loans, etc.
  • Insurance -- Home, auto, etc.
What I really like about Bills is that it can connect to accounts I actually use and need to keep an eye on. For example, I can hook Bills up to prepaid accounts like Skype and Google Voice and see what my current balance is. I can also connect it to my cable bill to keep track of any pay-per-view purchases.
When in the Bills app, you can look at the bills you have by date, category or calendar view, which is helpful for getting a bird's eye look at your monthly bills. The app also has alerts when balances run low or a due date is approaching and a reports section to show you a breakdown of bills by category.

Bills doesn't try to do everything a personal finance management site does, instead it focuses on bills and does an excellent job of helping you manage them. Perhaps its biggest strength is that you can setup the free app from your phone in about 10 minutes (less if you have just a few bills) and you're done. No need to go online and finish setting something up or remembering another website, although you can login to your account at PageOnce to see more details about each bill. The app can also be password protected to prevent access to your personal information.
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