Office Humor: Singing On The Job

rapping weathermanAfter Memorial Day, our thoughts often turn to summertime, and going to work every day can be even more of a drag than normal. Being on the job can make us a little stir-crazy, especially in the summer. So, some people follow the advice from that old Disney song from Snow White - Whistle While You Work - and sing, rap, and dance to get through the work day.

As a nice work-time diversion (but don't let your boss catch you watching these at work!), I've compiled some funny Internet videos of people singing on the job. Enjoy!

The rapping weatherman

TV weathermen usually play it pretty straightforward when letting their viewers know if it is going to rain or shine; but this guy gets poetic as he raps about the weather:

The rapping flight attendant

It's not just weather anchors who like to rap. If you have ever flown on Southwest Airlines, you know their flight attendants are a little off the beaten path. This guy even gets the passengers in on the act.

Singing McDonald's worker

We continue our "singing at work" theme with a McDonald's worker who got into the spirit of things when some customers came into the restaurant and began singing their orders. I give this employee four stars for being a good sport.

Video Conferencing Of A Different Kind

This woman thought her office webcam was the way to audition for American Idol, but one of her coworkers felt differently.

Killing time during the commercials

And finally, to bring this all back to TV land, do you ever wonder what the anchor people do during commercial breaks in the newscast? Check out this somewhat famous video of two anchors at WGN in Chicago. Have a great summer everyone.

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