Is Listed Home a Crime Scene? How to Know Before You Buy


Would you buy serial killer Joel Rifkin's former home, where several of his victims were slain? What about the Amityville Horror house? Both homes are currently up for sale, and the idea of living in either one makes many buyers squirm and decide to look elsewhere.

Most buyers would also probably want to know that the house pictured to the left was built on the same suburban Chicago lot as the home where notorious murderer John Wayne Gacy buried 29 of his victims in the walls and crawl spaces.

Murder aside, quite a few buyers would also opt out of a home where someone died from disease, natural causes or suicide. If the idea of living in such a home churns your stomach, do you know for certain that no one has died in the home or apartment you're currently living in?

There are a few ways to find out; just don't expect to hear about them from the seller.