Mafia Wars London officially opens, let the Crown Jewel heist begin!

mafia wars challenge mission london opens
There's no time like the present to take your mafia on a working vacation -- to London. The new Mafia Wars London mission officially opened at midnight and for the next three weeks, you'll be pulling off the heist of a lifetime, i.e. stealing a Crown Jewel.

Of course, your crew won't be able to simply walk in and take it. We're talking about the Crown Jewels after all. You'll have to perform a series of special jobs, which require a certain number of London passports (found as loot dropped from jobs and fighting and by visiting the London page every 24 hours) to complete. The longer your perform a job, the more police will be on your tail, which will make it more difficult to get your job done, i.e require more energy and passports to complete a task. The police activity is measured by a Heat Meter, and once its full, you'll have to wait eight hours for it to reset so you can continue your job.
mafia wars london chapter 1 jobs
That time restraint butts up against the fact that there is a limited time frame to pull off this heist -- 21 days to complete all three chapters. If Mafia Wars Paris taught us anything, it's that you have to be a tenacious mobster to get the job done. Once you complete each chapter, you'll be rewarded with an item exclusive to the London mission. In your down time, work like a fiend to get as many London passports as you can (more on that soon) -- looks like you're gonna need them.

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