FishVille: New Pearl Stash and more Atlantis decorations

FishVille Pearl Stash
FishVille Pearl Stash

Last week, FishVilledebuted the first few items of a new theme, Atlantis. As expected, tonight they have added on to this theme with many more decoration items and a new minigame in the form of a Pearl Stash. If you have been playing FishVille, you are very familiar with the Pearl Stash concept, as FishVille have been reusing the same mechanic over and over for such themed events as the Gemstone Pouch and the Mushroom Mound. You simply need to collect Pearls from your friends (or purchase them at the price of 5 Sand Dollars for a 5 pack) and redeem them for different items.

In addition to the Pearl Stash collection, FishVille has given us a decent sized set of new mysterious Atlantis items. The new items are almost split completely in half between Sand Dollar items and coins items. Read on for the list of new Atlantis decor available in FishVille.