FarmVille Tips for Leveling Up the Fastest and Reaching Level 70

Many farmers ask, "What is the quickest way to level up and reach Level 70?". While the coveted Level 70 can be hard to reach for some, diligence proves necessary to reach higher levels, so just keep farming! FarmVille Freak Randy, put together his own guide of useful tips for farmers hoping to reach Level 70. To some veteran farmers these tips may seem elementary, but then again you are probably already a Level 70 farmer. These tips are most useful for those newbies and mid-level farmers that are struggling to level up.

Here is some background information about FarmVille Freak Randy's farming experience:
"My girlfriend got me started on Farmville because she had been playing since August of 2009. Eventually, I gave in to her FarmVille invitations and joined in October 2009. Some of my neighbors and my girlfriend were at around Level 30. I was only looking for fun but when I saw my Level increase so quickly through the lower Levels, I started getting into it. In time, I decided I would try to overcome my neighbors that were 30 levels (so about 50,000 points) ahead of me. Now I am the first of my neighbors to reach Level 70. My closest competitor (my girlfriend) is at Level 68. The next highest neighbor is at Level 51 200,000 points behind me. How did I do it? Read my tips below." -FarmVille Freak Randy
FarmVille Freak Randy's Strategies Found Useful & to Keep Interest on Way to Level 70:

Says FarmVille Freak Randy, "However, this is only important if you want to reach Level 70. If you're more interested in playing the game for decorations, that is also a legitimate reason to play. But if you're looking to compete with your neighbors, you may find these or other strategies helpful. Be forewarned: If you're not interested in anything else but leveling up, Level 70 will be very bittersweet for you. My interest has waned, but I'm still trying to master every crop available.

If you're already at Level 70 or speeding your way towards it, these tips may seem elementary. However, they may not come as easily to every farmer. So these tips are especially designed to help out farmers who are struggling to get to Level 70."

The Most Important Point: Planting 4 Hour Berries
  • The marginal benefit (for points-not coins) is highest for the four hour crops. It seems obvious, but none of my neighbors have considered it. Even if you plant Peas and get 3 XP + 1 XP for plowing per plot, in the same amount of time you could plant 4 rounds (in 16 hours if you have the free time, 6 rounds if you are an insomniac) of Strawberries and receive more points.
  • If you plant four rounds of Strawberries in sixteen hours, you will get 4 XP + 4 XP for plowing= 8 XP per plot. If you have a field of 450 plots, that adds up to 3,600 XP in one day or 25,200 XP in a week.
  • Thinking this way, the fastest way to Level 70 (without spending your way there) is to constantly plant Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, and/or Blackberries.
  • Yes, even Raspberries. Though you don't get any points for planting the crop, you will still get 1 XP per plot for plowing, which leads to 2 XP per plot every 4 hours which is the same amount of points that you get from the 4 hour berries.

Plowing most of your farm
  • I have the largest size farm available and at one time had all but one row plowed. The more plots, the more points per planting and plowing.

Mastering Crops
  • It brings in a decent amount of XP points and coins and it kept my interest. I made a fence out of my mastery signs. I have 38 of them now.

The Ribbons
  • The reasonable ones, at least kept me interested.

Close competition
  • Several times my girlfriend passed me and our friendly competition kept me interested in the game.
  • If you are in close competition with one of your neighbors, buying decorations may give you an edge. I usually chose to buy windmills (100,000 coins, 1,000 XP points). However, my girlfriend took this strategy too far. When I reached Level 70, I had about 5 million coins. She is at Level 69 and only has 160,000 coins. When she reaches Level 70, she won't have enough money to buy a Villa or any other buildings or decorations.

Blocking your Farmer Avatar

Things I found unhelpful on my way to Level 70:

  • I only have 35 neighbors and only 5 of them are active. They were, however, useful for the Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter events. You only need the pre-requisite amount to be able to expand your farm and buy certain items (For example, with 35 neighbors I can't buy a second Market Stall with coins).

  • It wastes valuable space that could be used for planting.

Spending real money on Farmville Cash
  • I didn't spend any real money on Farmville Cash on my way to Level 70.
  • The only Farmville Cash I spent (that was earned from leveling up) was to expand my farm when I was in the low levels and for one of the Seeds for Haiti events. I now have 49 Farm Cash and can't find anything I want to buy.
  • Note: Purchasing items that are farm cash only tend to yield higher amounts of XP based on the farm cash purchase and exclusivity.

  • They don't give much money and don't give any points
  • Golden Chickens and the three new chickens are the exception because they bring in a lot of money-but still no XP points. I have a Huge Coop full of Golden Chickens and a few of the new Chickens that brings in 3,840 coins a day.

Source: (FarmVille Freak Randy)

Thanks again for sharing your tips with everyone FarmVille Freak Randy! FarmVille will be celebrating its very first birthday soon when it turns one on June 19th 2010. Within this year many farmers have already reached Level 70 and are anxious for more levels and more challenges. Upon reaching Level 70 there is no special celebration or reward. After all that clicking, plowing, planting, harvesting and thousands of XP later the event proves to be under-whelming and slightly disappointing. There are no new items to unlock, no more new levels (yet), and no more 1 free farm cash for leveling up.

Has Zynga forgotten about their most prized players? No, we already know that they have intentions of adding more levels in the future, but exactly when is unknown. FarmVille Freak supports the introduction of new levels and all the Level 70 farmers out there still waiting. As their XP continues to accumulate, reaching way beyond the minimum for Level 70, we can only hope that when new levels come out they will automatically level up based on the obtained XP that is quietly waiting to be counted.
This article originally appeared onFarmVille Freak.
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