FarmVille rolls outs new Move Tool and Recycle Tool

FarmVille Move Tool and Recycle Tool
FarmVille Move Tool and Recycle Tool

Late night ranchers tonight were surprised to see not just a decoration release tonight, but an overhaul to the way FarmVille players will move, rotate, sell, and delete items tonight. FarmVille has debuted a brand new tool that allows you to move items around and rotate them (if the item is rotatable) and also a one-click sell/delete tool that makes getting rid of unwanted items a breeze.

The new Move Tool looks like a hand icon, and is a sub-button underneath the Multi-Tool. Once you click this Hand Tool, you can then click on an item that you want to move. The item will then be attached to your cursor and you can click anywhere on your farm to place it again. While holding it, you can press the space bar on your keyboard to automatically rotate it to face the direction you want. If you're like me and you've been trying to layout your fences to make a perfect pasture, you will greatly appreciate this change. It's also helpful because with the one-click harvesting change that was released several weeks ago, it made moving animals and trees impossible without first harvesting them.

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