FarmVille: New Free Fuel Popup

FarmVille Freak Eva16 and several others have reported receiving new fuel popups when fertilizing neighbors crops. When fertilizing farms, players receive free fuel, but not a popup to share with others, and the fuel is added to your overall amount. But now, when fertilizing a neighbor's farm, players can receive popups asking them to share free fuel directly with the neighbor whose farm they were fertilizing.
FarmVille free fuel pop-up window to share
After clicking the share option, a post goes directly to the farmers Facebook profile wall- not homefeed. The neighbor will be able to redeem one large can of fuel from clicking on the post.
FarmVille Freak Dave_NC's New Fuel Facebook Profile Wall Post
Note there are now 6 ways to get fuel:
1. Buying fuel for $FV in the market- You can purchase fuel in the FarmVille Market, 1 Refill for 3$FV, 10 Refills for 25$FV, 20 Refills for 40$FV, 30 Refills for 55$FV and 50 Refills for 65$FV

2. Free Fuel from plowing- Farmers randomly receive popups to share free fuel when plowing their farms. You can collect 1 large can and 9 small cans from neighbors per day.

3. Fertilizing neighbors crops- You can find free fuel when fertilizing your neighbors crops, this is at random and will be added to your overall fuel amount.

4. Completed Collection redemption reward- When trading in a completed collection you receive 5 Refills of fuel as a reward.

5. Farmers Market- When a neighbor shops at your Farmers Market stall, you have the option to redeem 15 units of fuel (this is one of 3 options).

5. Mystery Egg Prize- When opening Mystery Eggs you can find various amounts of fuel depending on the color egg. The current prizes available are 1/5 Refill, 1 Refill, 10 Refill and 20 Refills.

*6. When a neighbor fertilizes your crops and directly shares with you, as mentioned above. This may be in limited release.
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