FarmVille 7-Eleven Promotional Billboard spotted in Washington

FarmVille 7-Eleven Billboard in Washington
FarmVille 7-Eleven Billboard in Washington

FarmVille Freak Vanessa's husband spotted this FarmVille Billboard advertising the 7-Eleven and Zynga promotion in Puyallup, Washington. Puyallup is about 30 miles South of Seattle.

"Hello Farm Goddess,

My hubby, Steven, was driving and saw this Farmville 7-Eleven Promo banner, here in Puyallup, WA (about 30 miles South of Seattle). Sorry the picture quality isn't the best, but I think you get the idea about it all. I've been very fortunate that I have several stores in my area and they all have the Farmville Promo products. I got my 200 FV Cash already! Whooohoooo! ;-)

Happy Farming,
FarmVille Freak Vanessa V-F"

Have you spotted a FarmVille billboard in your city?

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