True story! Cops investigate virtual furniture theft from Habbo Hotel

habbo hotel hacked
habbo hotel hacked

Too bad Law & Order is on its way out, because this story is ready-made for a TV crime drama. Police in Finland have raided five homes while investigating theft of digital furniture and other items from online game Habbo Hotel.

Habbo Hotel is a teen social networking site where you create an avatar and create a home for them, which includes furniture and other items that are purchased using real-life cash. Members of the social network reported that around $1,200 worth of items have gone missing, thanks to a phishing scam that direct players to fake Web sites and tricks them into handing over their user names and passwords.

The game's publisher, Sulake, says that out several hundred users to have been targeted by the attacks. This isn't the first time that Habbo Hotel has been attacked. In 2007, at 17-year-old was arrested for stealing around $4,500 worth of virtual items from the game. Numerous World of Warcraft players have also reported hacked accounts. All online games, just by their nature of being online, are susceptible to phishing and other scams. Tips like these can help you play it safe, so you can avoid starring in your own virtual-meets-real-life drama.

[Via BBC]

Have you ever had your account hacked in an online game?

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