Comics' money-saving tips are no joke

Mark Normand appears at the Creek and Cave
Mark Normand appears at the Creek and Cave

Times are tough, and who better to make light of our economic morass than those shtick-dishing, eternally starving artists -- stand-up comics? Comedians who perform at the Creek and the Cave in Long Island City, N.Y., told WalletPop how they get by on the cheap. The answers ranged from ha-ha funny to genius to, well, a little disturbing.

Mark Normand deserves a toast. When it comes to saving money at the local pub, he works the system like Richard Pryor used to work the crowd on a Saturday night. "Most bars serve at least one canned beer. Just find out what it is and bring it in yourself," Normand said. On open-mike nights, when a venue makes him buy a drink, Normand added that he sometimes grabs an empty bottle and explains to the waitress that he's a fast drinker. He also runs a little bank angle. TD Bank has a coin-conversion machine that anyone can use for free, he explained, and gives out a prize to those who guess the correct amount of their change within $1.99. "So if you count your money beforehand, you basically make money," Normand said.