Cafe World to Disable Accounts Using Bots and Illegal Programs, is FarmVille Next?

FarmVille Cafe World Unfair Play
FarmVille Cafe World Unfair Play

While browsing the Cafe World Forum, FarmVille Freak moderator Dark Farmer stumbled upon some interesting news. Another Zynga game, Cafe World, announced via their official forum that they have detected users using illegal programs to enhance game play and are planning to disable accounts using such programs. These programs include: modifiers, bots, cheats, and hacks which violate Zynga's Terms of Service and are affecting the ability to connect to servers for some players.

They have developed a code to detect players using these illegal programs and will disable their accounts. Once your account has been disabled, you will have to contact customer service to resume game play. Some accounts may be reset to "normal" and be further suspended. Their goal is to enhance game play for all users and increase the accessibility and decrease in-game errors.

What does this mean for FarmVille? Could this be a future step for FarmVille as well?

Read excerpt from Official Cafe World Forum below: