Cafe World Spice Rack: Now requires less parts to complete

Cafe World Spice Rack now only requires 4 of each item
Cafe World Spice Rack now only requires 4 of each item

Just last week, Zynga released an update to Cafe World that allowed anyone who hasn't yet completed their Spice Rack to buy the entire thing at a 40% discount. Tonight, the Spice Rack has been made even easier to obtain for those who don't want to spend money to finish it. Instead of requiring 5 of each part (Shelves, Small/Medium/Large Jars, and Lids), players now only need 4 of each piece. This brings the total amount of required Spice Rack parts to 20, which is down from 25 previously.

With the major push to finish the Super Stove, perhaps Zynga are planning on removing the Spice Rack mechanic at some point? Perhaps they are wanting to move it to the next level and have players buy spices for their rack? Or maybe they're noticing that new players can be awfully overwhelmed by the amount of work they have ahead of them to finish all the game's buildables.

If you got a slow start on your Spice Rack, now is the time to complete it. Log in to Cafe World and request some Spice Rack parts from your friends.