Cafe World: New Recipes for Advanced Chefs (a.k.a. Level 75)

Today Zynga has announced to all Cafe World chefs that the Cafe World advanced cookbook is almost ready to be unlocked. To get us all excited about it they announced the first four dishes that will be available to the Cafe World professional chefs that are level 75 or higher.
Cafe World Level 75 recipies
The first four recipes that will be released are Chicken Vindaloo, Osso Buco, Confit de Canard and Kabayaki. I was a bit uncertain what these dishes were from just the names so I did a little digging and here is what I learned.Chicken Vindaloo is an Indian dish and is made with chicken, many spices including curry, onion, chili peppers and garlic. A lot of restaurants add potatoes to the dish and also offer it with lamb instead of chicken. It is also usually one of the hottest types of Indian dishes served.

Osso Bucco is an Italian dish that when translated means "hollowed bone". It is made with veal shanks cooked in meat broth and flavored with white wine and vegetables.

Confit de Canard is more commonly called Duck Confit outside of France. The dish is made with a process of preservation that involves curing the meat in slat and then poaching it in its own fat. Its cooked slowly and sometimes is cooked as long as 10 hours.

Kabayaki is a Japanese dish of seafood that is filleted, boned and dipped in a sweet soy sauce based sauce. The meat is then broiled on a grill. In Japan the most common meat used to make this dish is eel and is considered a nutritious stamina generating food.

So, get ready for the new dishes when the advanced Cafe World cookbook is released!

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