Buyers Sue Green Developer: Not Eco Enough


When it first hit the market in 2008, The Riverhouse, or One Rockefeller Park, was marketed as the pinnacle of the new green-building movement: chic, modern, luxurious and sustainable, all wrapped up in one water-view building. It symbolized the departure from the 1970s version of the movement -- off-grid yurts and solar-powered treehouses that we previously associated with green -- and repositioned it as an urban lifestyle.

Well, thanks to a lawsuit by one couple, The Riverhouse may come to symbolize something else: the empty promises of pre-bubble eco-housing.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the owners of one three-bedroom, three-bath unit there are suing the building's former manager, Sheldrake, and its new manager, Centurion Real Estate Partners, for empty green promises.