Beware of group selling bogus health insurance, states warn

Woman checking billsInsurance regulators in several states are warning consumers about a Tennessee-based group selling bogus insurance.

The group, which has collected more than $22 million in premiums nationwide, operates under several names, including American Trade Association, Smart Data Solutions, Serve America Assurance, Beema-Pakistan Insurance Company, Healthcare America, First American Health, Pinnacle Health Solutions, Executive Healthcare, Mini Healthcare and Omni Healthcare.
Sharon P. Clark, Kentucky's insurance commissioner, issued a statement urging consumers in her state to check credit cards and bank account records for withdrawals to "ATA-SDA." A number usually follows the letters.

About 300 Kentuckians have fallen victim to the scheme, in which they paid for what they believed was health insurance when the product was actually a health discount or limited-benefit plan.

Maine's insurance superintendent issued a final cease and desist order against American Trade Association in May, ordering it to pay outstanding medical bills and premium refunds. South Carolina also took action that month against several individuals and entities affiliated with the group.

On May 20, a Tennessee judge ordered American Trade Association and its affiliates, Smart Data Solutions and Serve American Assurance, into liquidation. Consumer Ally contacted one of the numbers for the company and was greeted with a pre-recorded message that tells callers the company is no longer in business. The message recommends ATA members seek coverage from licensed carriers and tells them that information about the liquidation, as well as instructions on how to file a claim, will be mailed out.

Any questions about the liquidation should be sent to ATA/SDS/SAA in Liquidation, PO Box 282189, Nashville, Tenn. 37228. Questions can also be submitted online.
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