Target to unroll more new store layouts - will it be a hit or miss?



has consistently hit the bulls eye with consumers by offering its chic yet cheap merchandise in reliable, easy-to-navigate stores. Whether shoppers are looking for a tank top or a tire repair kit, they almost always know where to find what they're looking for when they enter the store. But, in the coming year, the retail chain will be doing quite a bit of remodeling, begging the question: Why mess with success?

In an interview with WalletPop, Target spokeswoman Sarah Baken said the company currently has more than 40 different, "unique" multi-level floor plans in place and they're not afraid to create more. "It's whatever makes the most sense for the space," said Baken noting that not every project can be a big, flat square. Baken said she thinks, Target's ability to "flex our store design" is one of the retailer's strong suits. "A guest should always be able to enter a Target store and get the right feel."