Save thousands by doing it yourself with the new book 'Be Thrifty'

Be Thrifty: How to Live Better With Less is the kind of how-to manual that a WalletPopper can get behind. It's a sturdy 372-page compendium, written and co-edited by Califia Suntree and Pia Catton, roping together thousands of money-saving tips. Its organizing premise is that you can do all sorts of things around the house that will save you money. In one of the more clever publishing gimmicks of the past year, each copy is embedded with a shiny new penny, so you can "start now!".

In more cases than you can count, from fixing your car to hemming a skirt, you can salvage your savings by not hiring people or buying new things. Suntree and Catton converged from their respective cities to visit WalletPop's studios, demonstrate a few of their favorite tips, and dish about one of the most controversial aspects of the book.
The new book
For more on the topic of frugality,
check out our recent interview with Lauren Weber, who wrote In Cheap We Trust. She wrote the back cover blurb for Be Thrifty, telling us "it's about living a happier, healthier, greener life."

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