Four Great Presents for Graduation

By Geoff Roth

presents for graduationIt's graduation season. For many parents who are celebrating their children's accomplishments -- and the fact they don't have to pay college tuition anymore -- it's also time to think about a graduation present.

While presents range from the practical to the extravagant, here are some ideas for presents that can go beyond simply saying "Well done," and can actually help your kids find a job.

1. A new suit

First impressions really do matter. Many recent graduates don't have the proper attire to wear when going on a job interview. Buying your grad a nice suit or business dress to have for those interviews is a great present that can help them toward landing that job.

2. A list of your friends and their contact info

One of the best ways for college graduates to find jobs is to network. Most people have friends or colleagues who may be able to help mentor and provide connections for your kids as they start to look around for work. Ask some of them if they wouldn't mind helping out, and then let your grad know about them. This gift costs some time but no money, and can be one o the greatest job-hunting gifts you can give your children.

3. A good book

A great book with career and life guidance can help set a recent college grad on the right path for the rest of his or her life.

There are tons of great books out there. For ideas, check out 50 books to consider getting your college grad.

Besides books aimed directly at college grads, there are some great books that can give you a wonderful perspective on achieving your life goals and being a success in the workplace. One I highly recommend -- which is, on its surface, a book about great management but has some great life success lessons -- is Jim Collins' 'From Good to Great.'

4. A road trip

Whether it's letting your grad borrow the car, or getting them a cross-country Amtrak ticket, helping out with a road trip to visit potential employers can go a long way to helping land a job. Many HR people and hiring managers are willing to take the time to talk to potential employees if they happen to be in town. This requires some work ahead of time making contacts and trying to set up appointments, but it is worth the effort to get some face-to-face time. The other possible gift would be helping finance a trip overseas, especially for a grad who has never left the United States. It may not help directly in getting a job, but it is a life-enriching experience that can make your grad a more interesting person and make them stand out from the crowd when looking for work.

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Geoff RothGeoff Roth is a former TV news manager now teaching journalism at Hofstra University. He has hired hundreds of people and counseled both professionals and students as they hunt for jobs. Geoff is chronicling life after TV News at

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