Happy Pets: More horses in more colors

happy pets dun horseheppy pets chestnut horsehappy pets bluegrass horsehappy pets butter horse
Happy Pets has been absolutely crazy about horses lately. Recently, they released limited edition horses in some seriously zany colors, then they rolled out new horse decor, and finally, they've released a new set of permanent horses in addition to the existing five. The new horses are as follows:

  • Dun Horse (41,795 Coins)
  • Chestnut Horse (39,795 Coins)
  • Bluegrass Horse (45,795 Coins)
  • Butter Horse (43,795 Coins)

While the horses are all rather expensive, we're relieved that they can be bought with coins. Also interesting is the selling price for the adult horses. An adult horse can be sold for about 20,000 Coins more than the price of the pony, allowing Happy Pets players to do a little ranching. Head to Happy Pets to perhaps consider a horse of a different color.

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