FarmVille: The Reality of Level 70

farmville level 70
farmville level 70

FarmVille Freak Merry sent an email concerning Level 70 and beyond.

Is farmville going to add more levels? I, as many, have reached level 70. It would be nice to have many more levels. Have you heard anything about adding more levels?


The last level of FarmVille is 70 and requires 433,000 Xp. To new farmers 'Club 70′ may seem very far off, but players who are already members or closing in must all wonder, whats next? What are the current advantages of Level 70? Some major cool points amongst your neighbors, 70 is sign of a diligent and hard working farmer. But, no more excitement of leveling up, no more free 1$FV per level, only more and more Xp as you play. There are no special prizes, bonuses, or in game advantages such as items/crops specifically available for Level 70 farmers.