Cafe World Super Stove "disappear?" Here's how to find it

cafe world super stove
So you've finally finished your Cafe World Super Stove -- now what? Many complain that their stoves disappear when they're completed, but they're actually semi-hidden in the in-game store. To locate your stove, click on the 'Functional' icon at the bottom of the screen (the icon with orange and blue gears).
cafe world functional menu icon
Once you click the gears icon, you will open the list of functional items,and you'll see several rows of stoves. The Cafe World Super Stove is located on the top row, next to last stove. It has the word 'HOT!' next to it and if you have a stove ready to go, it will also have a x1 next to it as well.

cafe world menu

The next step is to place the Super Stove in your cafe. Click on the Super Stove image, hold and drag the stove into your restaurant, and place where desired. Then -- let the cooking commence.

If you want to start building another stove, click on the Super Stove icon (the one with the blue wrench), buy a new frame and start the process all over again. For more information on how you build your own stove, read this guide: Cafe World: How to build your own Super Stove. Better hurry though, the Super Stoves might not be around much longer, and you'll miss your chance for one-click cooking.

How many Super Stoves do you have in your cafe so far?
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