Aussie Tourism Website Features Snapshots by Locals

Tourism Australia this week launched a new website with an interactive map featuring photos and comments submitted by residents across the country.

The idea is advice from locals for tourists planning a visit. And you get to see Australians in many of their photos too.

The "Nothing Like Australia" website is part of the organization's global promotional campaign, which also includes new video advertising.

Tourism Australia Managing Director Andrew McEvoy says the idea for the interactive map came from research that found 80% of Australians want to help promote their country as a vacation destination.

Featured on the map are some 29,000 clickable images submitted by locals with comments. Everyone was asked to complete the sentence, "There's nothing like..."

Suggested experiences include cuddling a koala in Queensland and snorkeling with Wally, a huge Maori Wrasse in the Great Barrier Reef (where apparently fish have names).

"Australians have identified our people, wildlife, beaches, the reef, the outback, vibrant cities and laid-back lifestyle as the things that make Australia a unique and special place to visit," McEvoy said.

Photo by Chem 7, flickr
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