What Will Work in the Future Be Like?

The world of work is changing.. .quickly. Most students graduating from high school and college this year will probably have jobs in the next decade that don't even exist today because the technology to support those positions hasn't even been invented yet. The concepts of going to work, having one career, relocating for a new job, and goofing off at the water cooler may soon be a distant memory as the world of work as we know it is replaced by a brave new world where few commute to their jobs, work a 9-to-5 day, or sit in endless staff meetings.

Here's what the future of work looks like.

1. Measurable

In the past it was difficult to measure employee performance, and hours of productivity were squandered away. Now many job tasks are measurable with automated time and task tools and individual performance can be directly linked to a company's bottom-line results.

2. Flat

For many professionals, gone are the days of commuting to a central location. Project teams can be assembled all over the world, and cheap communication and document sharing tools such as Skype and Google docs can be used to share information 24/7. In addition, for many jobs, where you live may have little relevance in the future; you could be competing against a global rather than a local talent pool.

3. Temporary

The days of working for one company and retiring with the gold watch are gone. More and more companies are assembling project teams and disbanding the teams once the work is completed.

While all this sounds pretty scary at first glance, work in the future may be more rewarding than ever. People will have more freedom and control over their work environment, and schedule and earnings will be based more on merit than location. While it's true that not every job will fit into this futuristic paradigm, many will. Will your job be part of the future of work?

Check out this video by Odesk Corporation to learn more about the future of work.

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