Two-fer Tuesdays: The week's best games that aren't FarmVille

2fer Tuesdays two new games that aren't farmville
Tired of harvesting and planting crops in FarmVille? Washing and feeding your pet in Pet Society? If you're looking for something new to play on Facebook, stop by the blog for 2Fer Tuesdays. Every week, we'll be recommending two new Facebook games that, ya know, aren't FarmVille.

This week's 2Fer highlights two games that will appeal to two different breeds of social gamer. For those who prefer nightlife over farm life, there's Nightclub City, a game that lets you manage your own dance club. If you like restaurant games like
Cafe World and have a penchant for baked sweets (like yours truly), then you should try Baking Life, a charming new game where you can get baked bake to your heart's content without the real-life temptation. Get the details on both after the jump.

Baking Life

baking life on facebook
Baking -- there's few things in life that are more satisfying. Throw together some ingredients, and in less than an hour, you end up with a delicious treat. That is, until those 'treats' stick around a lot longer than you expected on your stomach, thighs, you name it. Now there's a way to bake without the temptation -- Baking Life on Facebook. Start out running a small bakery, crafting cinnamon rolls, custom cupcakes and more to serve to hungry customers. Each batch takes from one minute to 24 hours, so be sure to time everything appropriately to make sure patrons don't leave empty handed.

Pros: In addition to being able to customize your own cupcakes (and send them to friends), the game has a cheery vibe with good looking graphics and relaxing music.

Cons: Game doesn't do anything that we haven't seen before in Cafe World or other cooking-themed social games.

Play Baking Life on Facebook now >

Nightclub City

nightclub city
Just think about all of the nightmares you've experienced at a dance club -- big brawls, too-crowded bars. Just image how to prevent those, and you've got the basic gist of Nightclub City on Facebook. This music-themed game puts you in charge of keeping your nightclub running like a well-oiled party machine. Make sure the music is banging, the bar stays stocked and keep rowdy revelers from ruining everybody's night.

Pros: There are not many music games on Facebook, much less ones that inspire you to dance along (when no one is looking of course).

Keeping the music going and the booze flowing requires regular maintenance, so if you plan to be away from your club overnight, don't expect the party to keep rockin' while you're away.

Play Nightclub City on Facebook now >

Played any other games that are NOT FarmVille and belong on this list? Leave a comment below, and we'll consider it for next week's Two-fer Tuesday column.
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