Store your DNA for future generations ... Is it worth $399?

Is $399 the new bargain price of immortality?
Is $399 the new bargain price of immortality?

King Tut had a pyramid to keep his memory alive, today for the relatively low, low price of $399, immortality seekers can store one gigabyte of digital memories and a DNA sample in a nuclear bomb-proof vault in Gstaad, Switzerland. Forever.

"Don't just disappear," cautions the Swiss DNA Bank's video, "store your life forever." Or at least a slightly used cotton swab and some really cute baby pictures.

The Swiss DNA Bank, brainchild of founding partner, Christoff Oschwald, is the latest immortality scheme in the history of modern civilization. Passing down the heirloom china and bobble head collection is no longer enough. "You want to be around as long as possible and we are here to help," asserts Swiss DNA Bank.

"Our mission is to store your digital and biological footprint on this planet securely, and forever," says the website -- and that's a mighty long time. "Swiss DNA Bank's secure servers and storage facilities are located in a former military vault in the Swiss Alps: one of the most secure locations on this earth. State-of-the-art secure Web access makes this service available worldwide ... We will never compromise on safety," promises the website, "we are here to preserve you, forever." Is this sort of like Elvis' Graceland, for the rest of us?